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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
gotta have my pokemon and shit

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

nosey ass females these days?? o.o

point in case to add to yesterdays post, today i put the girl on blast about what i saw. i didnt wanna do her too dirty so i didnt call her a homie hopper. However i did say "soo i see you have new man candy"  she goes "what are you talking about" im like dont do that dumb shit you know exactly what im talking about, she goes "ohh HIM" im like yeaa then she goes "what about u and ur lil gf" :note ladies and gentle men the girl on this blog kathy the one in the red  and the blue skirt is my BEST friend. One thing i hate most is when people jump to conclusions and assume shes my gf when in actuality she is not. In addition to that we are seen hanging alot and on this faithfull day it just so happens that the girl this blog is about saw us together  ( may i add she delivered the meanest eye roll in my direction). The bottom line is she did what most girls i try and talk to do she jumped to the assumption that kathy is my gf, it took every piece of me not to bitch slap her XD lol. point in case idk why people jump to that conclusion i asked her the following set of questions : have u ever seen us kiss? hold hands? bun up? she responded no to all of them sooo the fact of the matter is why the fuck did she come to the conclusion that were dating based on this lack of evidence?? stupidity to the fullest. I despise nosiness especially in females if you want to know something about em dont be scared to ask rather than jump to conclusions ans whatnot. I think the matter of the fact is shes jealous and i guess thats expected from a freshman im not gonna lie shes cute and all but on the real i need a chick with substance shes kinda ditzy like she gets confused when i use words that are part of my everyday vocab. evidentially thier "big" words to her  like that word evidentially if used it on her she would be like what. Then again what can u expect from a girl that txts like  this "mi n mi cuzzo, and is this all a fantic<--- yes that is how she spelled  the word "fantasy" smh where she learned how to spell idk. But to be perfectly honest with u all.. im about to graduate from high school like i said earlier idk why i was even messing with a freshman, yall know the myth "thier easy" so i guess i was tryna "snatch" her up which was wrong on my behalf but its whatever tho who cares. its life, anyway i came in 7th today in laser tag outta 35 people im a beast and umm i want a bomber hat if anyone has deets on where i can get one let me know il appreciate it

Friday, February 26, 2010

homie hoppers

for one thing its sad that i messed with  a freshman in the first place, but hey what can i say she was cute.. and light skin, thats like my ultimate weakness, but on top of that it dosent make any sense how she claimed the following "i like  you but im not tryna be in a relationship right now" sooo im dazed and cinfused the female species will never cease to confuse me. But what blows me the most is how she has the nerve to still talk to  me, and on top of that cock block me when im  tryna talk to other  girls shes always rapping me up....smh , on top of that i was chilling with my home girl today and she walked past she had the nerve to roll her eyes.. i swear i hate jealous females the most, and then at th end of the day i see her with my boy smh homie hoppers these days  its sad but some females just crave attention oh yea i forgot to mention that shes an attention whore as well but oh well im not too blown i have multiple "prospects" its all good :) im going fishing off to caloon

Saturday, February 20, 2010

my second profession

i kill em with one liners, to be as good as me u gotta pull an all-nighter, shout out to wayne if she on fire then i gotta light her, my bars aint food so dont try and bite em, u can write em but thats plagiarism, i got these kicks for free, but you had to pay to get em, so one day i will rise to the sky like constellation, i have no trials, but many tribulations, so lord help me rule this nation, shoutout to back yard they faking like turkey bacon, see i messed with ya girl she said she wasnt taken, and her vagina spot it was looking vacant, so lets agree, lets come to a compliance, i stand alone no need for an alliance, money on my mind, call my brain finance, let me throw in a random; serena got a fine ass, im single but the rap-game is mine, i put the game in line, call me 64 u gotta blow me to work, my flow is new boy and ur a jerk, oh i know, dont tell me twice, my bars are oh so nice visit me at rap my line dot kizom

Friday, February 19, 2010

rap my line

so i recently became a member of this website called rap my line dot com and for the most part its pretty fluke its a bunch of wack m.cs  posting thier bars and u can rate either wack or dope. Suprisingly its only my second day as a member of the site and im already number 2 (under the creator of the site of course) im not suprised im a legit m.c  but what amuses me most is that people have the nerve to click wack on my bars, like they know what rap is. ive only had a few tho usually people rote dope thats how i moved up so  quickly in two days. Funny thing is  u have the option of freeing or battling and one guy by the name of RB90 had the nerve to call me a bitch so i called him out hit him with the verbals. and he has yet to respond i doubt he got it like that because everyone on the site says hes wack. All in all its a low budget site but its an intresting way for me to post my bars and get feedback other than facebook. Check the link look for izzy-lu92 when u get to the site all is love

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Latest and greatest

ladies and gentlemen  your favorite recording artist Scot Mescudi well known as Kid cudi, has been a  breath of fresh air to the hip hop game. However he is not to be labeled as a "rapper" rather he is an alternative musician. This is because his work is neither rap, r&b (yes he does indeed sing, mind you hes no drake). Instead his style is influential it features techno beats infused with hip-hop and his verses and rhyme scheme cant be defined as "rap".However he has made groundbreaking progress in the music bizz with his various mixtapes. My most favorite of them  "a kid named cudi". Also after the release of his 1st album man on the moon, Cudi  released  7 new  tracks that were not present on his album however u can download them from this site jamglue. search the titles of the songs which are as follows:"High's N Lows" "Cudderisback" Floatin In The Sky" "Memories" "Elevators" "Symphonies Remix" "I Get It In". Peace and great listening yours truly izzy lupe the one and only yung picasso

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

im just a guy tryna get buy

"and if the rain stops and everything is dry, she would cry just so i could drink the tears from her eye. she teach me how to fly, even cushion my fall if my egines ever stall and i plummit from the sky"-lupe
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Monday, February 8, 2010

My latest coppage

 So yea you know how the economy has been  treating us people lately, so i pulled some donnovan butterty ass mondays type stuff. I schemed with my peoples, sold my old broken psp, exchanged my pennies into dollars, sold a hat, borrowed a few here and there, soo i walked into my all time favorite store H&M and low and behold they were having a sale i walked in with my 21 dollars and scooped up this beautifull baby,  its a knitted hoodie, the color scheme is as follows, red white purple grey, it goes perfectly with  my new black and purple half cabs enjoy  i posted it on the rigth side of my page


see im not like most teens that love pizza, burgers etc, i mean dont get me wrong i love all that but my real love is pancakes. i cant stress that enough thier dope

Daydream ft Jill Scott

This all time has to be one of my fave and greatest lupe videos next to kick push and i gotcha enjoy