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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
gotta have my pokemon and shit
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a little piece of my rap game just some basic stuff

Saturday, March 20, 2010

resurrection lupe ft kenna

one of my new fave lupe songs, dedicated to the haiti victims here is the official video

summit on the summit kilimanjoro

i recently watched summit ont he summit last sunday on mtv (thier first great show in years). It was too ill some of the greatest faces  were present featuring Kenna, santigold, lupe fiasco, Jessica Biel, and others. The show was epic its  purpose was to bring light to the global clean water crisis. Here in the U.S we take  clean water fro granted because we have such easy access to it. However such is not the case worldwide, places in Africa for example. Many countries in Africa are fairly modernized however there  still exist many places that are dilapidated.  These countries suffer the most for lack of clean drinking water. Water is essential to life, however contaminated water can bare many water born illnesses, and such illness can be fatal. Also lack of water can lead to dehydration and severe cases of diarrhea, you may not know this but diarrhea can be fatal if not treated properly. So the purpose of Summit was to bring awareness to set crisis. Also the pioneer behind the show musical recording artist Kenna was on a personal mission. Kenna's father had  experienced a water born illness when he was younger, the very same illness lead to the death of his siblings. luckily his father survived. Also 5 yrs prior to summit on the summit kenna attempted to climb Kilimanjaro  on his own but failed. However this time around he made it to the peak with the help of his peers. The show was EPIC and it had a good message behind it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my life twittered up

so its official to sat that im officially addicted to twitter. I made it over the summer and nvere really used it, However about 5 months ago i started using it again and now im addicted.... lol  i didnt plan on that happening i currently have like 3,000and something tweets which is nothing compared to some people but hey, twitter is where its at, if u wanna follow me, my link is izzy dojo the kick master one love

Saturday, March 6, 2010

most people call it arts and crafts, i call it arts and grinds

 Nikka "the cool"  Is my inevitable partner in crime in the art bizz. See we ingeniously crafted this idea its called tsc, (tee shirt company or "ti" shirt company). our designs are on point il upload a few soon. However we havent been able to get things rolling due to lack of funds. Also we need one of these bad boys...it does it all however it comes at a price that will cost you an arm a leg...and maybe a rib or two
follow her blog shes quite fashionable digg  

Friday, March 5, 2010

New thangs

IM Feeling kinda zuded lol i got my bomber hat finally as well as some purple skinnies.. today was a good  scoop. peep th epics on the side


see im not like most teens that love pizza, burgers etc, i mean dont get me wrong i love all that but my real love is pancakes. i cant stress that enough thier dope

Daydream ft Jill Scott

This all time has to be one of my fave and greatest lupe videos next to kick push and i gotcha enjoy