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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
gotta have my pokemon and shit

a little piece of my rap game just some basic stuff

Sunday, April 18, 2010


check it soo im not even a big fan of vitamin water , a the quote from tropic thunder states i think it taste like "ass water" lol but these commercials are sick and get this lol they feature scott (kid cudi) mescudi's song "pursuit of hapiness which is one of my faves i had to post em. lol i swear people use him as a token even on his hbo series "how to make it in america" he only appears on a few episodes and his role is not significant but oh well he still sitting on millions. lol but i  love these commercials

a bigger L.A.S.E.R than me?? nah never that =P

alright sooo those of you that know me well.. know that i know absolutely everything about my boy lupe. like yall know hes the illest m.c thus far to step foot in the game, and i know just about everyone of of his songs, i know the cool as well as food &liquor by heart. however!!! someone is tryna creep up on my turf lol, she goes by the name of alexis better know as @inmyheadphonez, soo yeaa shes from st louis, and she CLAIMS shes a bigger laser than me, i mean i give her props shes up there with me but we have yet to settle our disputes lol, shes cool people tho, did i mention shes really pretty?? ;) peep her blog as well  http://inmyheadphonez.tumblr.com/soo were agreeing to disagree on whose a better laser but i def give her props for being a huge lu fan like me. izzy_lacool one love digggggggggggg

artistic integrity

 sooooo for the able minded humans that know me well. you are aware of my substantial gifts in the field of arts see i began drawing when i was like 7 i think?? thats beside th fact. Drawing slowly became my passion over the years and oddly enough i developed a knack for it, i have the ability to draw just about anything my eye perceives, i recently  picked up painting as well. so this year on april 30th i will be entering numerous pieces into my senior art show  hopefully i get an award idk if i will , my work is to futuristic for the old feeble minded geezers lol i also hope to sell one of my paintings for at least 150 i gotta scoop a pay check off of this lol anyway pics will be up shortly bare wait me. izzy_lacool the one true L.A.S.E.R digg!!!!!!!!!1
oh yea by the way do not get the wrong impression of the girl in my collage (kathy) shes not my girlfriend we just go way back ;) k just thought id point that out digg

Verbals of a poet mixtape : track 1 "what that is"

check it "what that is" chilling in the cut, yea im hemoglobin, ya boy yung picasso yea im boutta go in, haters tryna ride me, yea they all bus token, phonecalls to my cats , waist hot they burner toting, indian chief flow, kush smoking, like im pulling on they legs yea i stay joking, no green hair could compare , to these pairs of words, lyrically im absurb, shoutout to b-lo shenanigans and niggas moe , do em like wayne brady, do i gotta slap a hoe? dave aint really here so save ya fear, the refrain is near

baby momma with 3 kids?? what that is??  19 in high school  thinking its cool? what that is??  baby girl chasing the white horse? what that is?? broke niggas plotting to steal a Porsche??  what that is??

back from the refrain,  so retrain ya mind to listen,  no gold watches here just g-shocks that glisten, headphones in the ear tuning out cats thats bitching, you just pussy to me, you lack the ammo to be g, i got camo from d&g, frostbite im chilling b, see im not kingsford so stop grilling me, why you hating on the real in me?? is it cuz i get bait and u still reeling g? just tryna inspire cats, enlightenment to the facts, my mind sharper than thumb tacks, im everything they lack, i got those, they lack those,  females can get the d, cuz lord knows they aint lactose; intolerant , im the ruler sovereign from here, subjects disperse, my verbals put ya ryhmes in a hurst

i was gonna put verse 3 up but ehhh im getting kinda lazy soooo il put it up tommorow =P  hit me on twitter if ur keen to my lifestyle @izzy_lacool the one true L.A.S.E.R  diggggg.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Where the fridge is L.A.S.E.R.S????

 soo as you all know im prob one of the biggest lupe fanatics you will find next to @inmyheadphonez lol that girl is serious!, but yeaa im starting to get a tad bit dissappointed in lupe for keeping his fans waiting, i mean  yea the looks are good. but we want the ALBUM feel me?? i know lupe wont let us down with the lyrical fire thats gonna be on there supposedly features from cudi and B.o.B are gonna be on there who knows he hasn't released any new info, also this website is helpfull in finding leaks leak jones muh fugger!!!!  if u hit up that website search "what you want" its a lasers track theres "lean" as well but wasalu announced that it was not a lseres track nontheless its still a good song anyway kids Love Always Shines Everytime Remeber-to Smile "we will not compromise who we are, we will not lose..cuz we are not losers..were L.A.S.E.R.S"


i apologize for my lack of blogging sapeins  of th world lol ve been busy on a few things, for one school my biggest of em all, nieng a senior isnt as easy as they say its tuff stuff,  u have to sign up for this, sign up for that, buy this order that, but i ordered my cap and gown so im good, i was planning on going nude under it lol but i might get kicked ou tmy own graduation imagine that??? anyway being a senior has been fun these last 4 years of my life have truly been the greatest the people i met and the friendships i made are gonna stick around for a minute im sure, it was all laughs and smiles, yall know me im a goofy cat. every now and then id kick a freestyle before the bell and stuff, almost lc's a few classes lol but  i did  it 12 year sin the struggle im finally about to make it out, you know alot of young black men never get to this point sadly, but i did so its a milestone class of 10 WE IN THERE!!!!! 


see im not like most teens that love pizza, burgers etc, i mean dont get me wrong i love all that but my real love is pancakes. i cant stress that enough thier dope

Daydream ft Jill Scott

This all time has to be one of my fave and greatest lupe videos next to kick push and i gotcha enjoy