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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

artistic integrity

 sooooo for the able minded humans that know me well. you are aware of my substantial gifts in the field of arts see i began drawing when i was like 7 i think?? thats beside th fact. Drawing slowly became my passion over the years and oddly enough i developed a knack for it, i have the ability to draw just about anything my eye perceives, i recently  picked up painting as well. so this year on april 30th i will be entering numerous pieces into my senior art show  hopefully i get an award idk if i will , my work is to futuristic for the old feeble minded geezers lol i also hope to sell one of my paintings for at least 150 i gotta scoop a pay check off of this lol anyway pics will be up shortly bare wait me. izzy_lacool the one true L.A.S.E.R digg!!!!!!!!!1

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Daydream ft Jill Scott

This all time has to be one of my fave and greatest lupe videos next to kick push and i gotcha enjoy