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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Verbals of a poet mixtape : track 1 "what that is"

check it "what that is" chilling in the cut, yea im hemoglobin, ya boy yung picasso yea im boutta go in, haters tryna ride me, yea they all bus token, phonecalls to my cats , waist hot they burner toting, indian chief flow, kush smoking, like im pulling on they legs yea i stay joking, no green hair could compare , to these pairs of words, lyrically im absurb, shoutout to b-lo shenanigans and niggas moe , do em like wayne brady, do i gotta slap a hoe? dave aint really here so save ya fear, the refrain is near

baby momma with 3 kids?? what that is??  19 in high school  thinking its cool? what that is??  baby girl chasing the white horse? what that is?? broke niggas plotting to steal a Porsche??  what that is??

back from the refrain,  so retrain ya mind to listen,  no gold watches here just g-shocks that glisten, headphones in the ear tuning out cats thats bitching, you just pussy to me, you lack the ammo to be g, i got camo from d&g, frostbite im chilling b, see im not kingsford so stop grilling me, why you hating on the real in me?? is it cuz i get bait and u still reeling g? just tryna inspire cats, enlightenment to the facts, my mind sharper than thumb tacks, im everything they lack, i got those, they lack those,  females can get the d, cuz lord knows they aint lactose; intolerant , im the ruler sovereign from here, subjects disperse, my verbals put ya ryhmes in a hurst

i was gonna put verse 3 up but ehhh im getting kinda lazy soooo il put it up tommorow =P  hit me on twitter if ur keen to my lifestyle @izzy_lacool the one true L.A.S.E.R  diggggg.

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  1. DOPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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