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arcues cool ass pokemon

arcues cool ass pokemon
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Latest and greatest

ladies and gentlemen  your favorite recording artist Scot Mescudi well known as Kid cudi, has been a  breath of fresh air to the hip hop game. However he is not to be labeled as a "rapper" rather he is an alternative musician. This is because his work is neither rap, r&b (yes he does indeed sing, mind you hes no drake). Instead his style is influential it features techno beats infused with hip-hop and his verses and rhyme scheme cant be defined as "rap".However he has made groundbreaking progress in the music bizz with his various mixtapes. My most favorite of them  "a kid named cudi". Also after the release of his 1st album man on the moon, Cudi  released  7 new  tracks that were not present on his album however u can download them from this site jamglue. search the titles of the songs which are as follows:"High's N Lows" "Cudderisback" Floatin In The Sky" "Memories" "Elevators" "Symphonies Remix" "I Get It In". Peace and great listening yours truly izzy lupe the one and only yung picasso

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see im not like most teens that love pizza, burgers etc, i mean dont get me wrong i love all that but my real love is pancakes. i cant stress that enough thier dope

Daydream ft Jill Scott

This all time has to be one of my fave and greatest lupe videos next to kick push and i gotcha enjoy